Sunday, April 01, 2012

First day on air after 15+ years of silence

So I got a nice, used, IC-751 yesterday (tnx to OZ1EQC). Got myself a 2x20 dipole, which should be a little bit higher in the trees. And should have a balun...when I find where I've hidden it. Added my trustworthy AT-230. Disassembled my old (1975 like) TS-820 and got my homemade keyer out (a kit, but I assembled it). Made this little setup with a primitive external power supply:

And I was on air. First night listened to a lot of CW - but still somewhat rusty. And this Sunday morning participated in a Danish Activity Contest on 80m. Only 9 QSOs but fun. 10 W out, since I'm just running on a car battery. I could talk to all I could hear. Learned two things: the keyer has to be steady - fixed that temporarily, and a CW filter is a must - I'm sure ebay can help.

Also interesting that I had a contest QSO with Henning, OZ1BII, who answered my very first CQ back in the middle of the 70's.

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